16 June 2020

You can now follow this project on youtubefacebook and twitter.

6 May 2020

To be able to catch even the smaller tadpoles, we are now using fykes with a 5 mm mesh size. The leading net is also increased in size to ensure that more frogs and tadpoles make it into the trap.

4 May 2020

The first bullfrogs of the season have arrived in the labs of the PXL Bio-Research group!! The breeding season can now start, excellent work by Natuurwerk vzw!

25 April 2020

The project is now also on Twitter, where you can follow updates:

10 April 2020

Seen or heard a bullfrog? Let us know!

It is of the utmost importance to react quickly to new sightings of American bullfrogs in Flanders. Have you seen or heard a bullfrog? Let us know by entering the sighting on

December 2019

The Life 3n-bullfrog project started in October 2019. Preparations for work in the field have started together with the development of the project logo.