LIFE + Nature project FLANDRE (English)


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The project partners, project budget and duration

Coordinating partner

> Agency for nature and forests

The Agency for Nature and Forests (ANB) is a Flemish Government agency which works on a daily basis to conserve, protect and develop nature sites, forests and parks. It is the principal owner of green areas in Flanders and directly manages 48.950 ha of forests, nature sites and other areas, as well as 35.682 ha in partnership with other landowners. In particular, it manages 2.275 hectares of dunes, dune woodland, beaches, tidal flats, salt marshes and polder grasslands, including 1.330 ha of coastal dunes and salt marshes within the project site boundaries, i.e. between the Franco-Belgian border and Westende.

Associated partners

> Conservatoire de l’Espace Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres

A French public institution, created in 1975 for the preservation of coastal areas. Within a field of intervention authorised by its board of directors upon advice from local elected representatives, it acquires land whose management is then entrusted, for example, to the Département du Nord. Its criteria for intervention are biodiversity and landscape preservation, public access and the upkeep of traditional land uses. With an aim to preserve a third of the coastline to its natural state by 2050, the Conservatoire du Littoral and its partners protect a total of 152,620 ha, including 800 ha of dunes in the Département du Nord.

> Département du Nord

The Département du Nord is a local authority that intervenes in various fields: social sector, secondary schools, highways, environment, etc. As for the department's sensitive nature areas (espaces naturels sensibles), over 3500 hectares have been acquired or are managed, including 800 hectares belonging to the Conservatoire du Littoral (coastal protection agency). The teams of the Environment Directorate ensure the day-to-day ecological management of the natural environments, make inventories of the fauna and flora and raise public awareness about the environment.

Sensitive natural spaces

  • Total budget: 4.066.454 Euro
  • European Union: 2.033.226 Euro
  • Agency for nature and forests: 971.244 Euro
  • Département du Nord: 696.334 Euro
  • Conservatoire du Littoral: 365.650 Euro

Duration: 5 years, from 2 september 2013 to 1 september 2018, extended to the 1st March 2020