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Ecosystem services of estuarine and coastal areas: the basis for restoration?
KN 1 Meire (pdf - 3.83 MB) 

Natural filling up of macrotidal estuaries in the North of France (Opal Coast) Environmental consequences and possible human interventions to mitigate them
KN 2 Battiau-Oueney (pdf - 3.17 MB)

Nature restoration and management of salt marshes at the Wadden Sea coast
KN 3 Bakker (pdf - 2.18 MB)

Coastal resilience requires a paradigm shift in public and political attitudes
KN 4 Morris (pdf - 542 KB)

The importance of the EU LIFE tool for the implementation of the NATURA2000 program: Case study of the Life+ LAG’Nature, implemented in southern France in order to preserve dune and coastal lagoon sites
KN 5 Boyce (pdf - 2.03 MB)


Management for ecosystem services in the estuarine context
CL 1.1 Boerema (pdf - 2.30 MB) 

Morphological management, a concept for a holistic management of estuaries
CL 1.2 Plancke (pdf - 932 KB)

Ecological monitoring along the Belgian coast         
CL 1.3 Provoost (pdf - 2.22 MB)

LIFE+Scalluvia restores alluvial forests and creeks in the flood control area ‘Polders van Kruibeke’ (Belgium).
The project features a successful combination of nature restoration, flood control, and recreation.
CL 1.5 Campens (pdf - 2.34 MB)

EPF Nord - Pas de Calais, a new and particular public tool to operate strategic retreat in coastal areas for the Nord-Pas-de-Calais territory (Wimereux study case).
CL 2.1 Lemoine (pdf - 2.26 MB)

Realization of a cross-border Natura 2000 European protected area and the Dutch ‘Nature Protection Act’
CL 2.2 Haverkorn-Hoogendam (pdf - 945 KB) 


Salt marsh ecosystem services under multiple stress: context-dependent effects of sediment deposition and increased inundation
W 1.1 Van Colen (pdf - 1.54 MB)

How enlarging the tidal basin aids the stability of the Zwin Inlet: physical background
W 2.1 Van Oyen (pdf - 2.26 MB)

Using an idealized morphodynamic modelling approach in addressing complex coastal management problems on long time scales
W 2.3 Nnafie (pdf - 2.11 MB)

Vegetation succession in the Zwin estuary 2010-2014. Effects of natural processes and nature management
W 3.1 Cosyns (pdf - 938 KB)

Optimizing estuarine management with ecologically validated habitat maps in the Scheldt Estuary
W 3.2 Van Braeckel (pdf - 1.56 MB)

Inland brackish marshland restoration in Flanders: lessons from a translocation experiment and from a survey of extant brackish marshland insect communities
W 4.1 Van De Meutter (pdf - 1.92 MB)

Breeding islands to meet the conservation goals for colonial water birds
W 4.2 Spanoghe (pdf - 1.10 MB)

Ecosystem restoration with artificial habitat structures: experiences and future potential
W 4.3 van der Have (pdf - 1.27 MB)

Disturbance in dune and heath environments, a double-edged sword?
W 5.1 Virnes (pdf - 1.32 MB)

Effects of cattle grazing and habitat use in the restoration management of the Zwin salt marsh (Belgium)
W 5.2 Van Uytvanck (pdf 6.97 MB)

Strategic retreat in practice: the example of Wimereux
W 6.1 Lemoine (pdf - 3.05 MB)

Engineering our way into trouble? Sea level rise and estuaries
W 6.2 Morris (pdf - 3.58 MB)

Hesketh Out Marsh: Reversing Reclamation on the Ribble Estuary in North West England
W 7.1 Billingham (pdf - 834 KB)

Enlargement of the tidal area of the Zwin
W 7.2 Haverkorn-Van Quickelborne 
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